I'm Jan Shegda


I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit my virtual home! I love working with clients to step into their truest, most effective, efficient and successful selves. If you are looking for someone to empower you to create your best fit career, unlock your natural leadership style, improve your relationships and spiritual well being you’ve come to the right place. I have the gift of working with individuals and professionals alike to accomplish their goals through identifying and overcoming resistance and self-sabotaging behaviors. From individual coaching, sponsored workshops, and personality assessments, together we create the life and work that make you come alive.

The key to your success and happiness is you. Understanding the hand you've been dealt and how to maximize it makes all the difference in your results and experience of your work.

Professional Bio

With two masters degrees, one in Clinical Psychology and one in Spiritual Formation (the study of how we connect to God), I have extensive experience working with a range of people. From working in a residential treatment center for children doing individual therapy, group substance abuse therapy, and family therapy; to working at one of the world’s most successful and highest performing organizations, Deloitte, I have learned new ways to integrate my psychological background into the very practical world of business.

It may surprise you to know that working with a client to overcome job performance issues, mismanagement of a team, or overall unhappiness towards their career includes the same necessary skills and processes as counseling a child to deal with their anger in a more healthy way. I’ve learned that my counseling as well as coaching training combine to make me particularly effective in collaborating with clients to overcome setbacks and obstacles and achieve their goals, which is what sets me apart from other coaches. I am a personality expert with certifications in the WEPSS assessment, Gallup StrengthsFinder as well as the MBTI.

I am your advocate, consultant, and guide along this journey because I truly desire for you to live as a more impactful and more balanced individual.

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