Executive Coaching

Why Coaching?

Many organizations believe that once someone reaches seniority in the organization they should automatically be able to inspire others, excel under pressure, keep their skills current, and have all the answers. Coaching can address competency gaps in a leader’s skills and abilities so that they can meet those expectations. Coaching is the difference between status quo and your ultimate potential.

What is Executive Coaching?

People come to coaching for several reasons:

  • Moving from where they are to where they want themselves and the organization to be
  • Targeted goal achievement and problem solving
  • Knowing that if they improve themselves, the organization will benefit
  • Feeling “stuck”, not sure what else to do to move forward
  • Not finding anyone in the organization at their level to have confidential conversations with

Whatever the reason, coaching goes beyond improving performance problems or ineffective behaviors. Executive coaching focuses on executive presence, leadership development and growth targets that impact the whole organization.

The Process

Each coaching engagement begins with a strategy session. This is the time for the coach and client to discuss several topics such as:

  • What the client is looking for from coaching
  • What the coaching relationship is and isn’t
  • The style of the coach and the client
  • The coach’s background and credentials
  • The logistics of how coaching works
  • Agreement to move forward

Coaching Options

Usually coaching sessions are 3-4 times per month up to a maximum of 5 (at the client’s discretion). Weekly sessions help to maintain momentum for changes and provide additional accountability for continued improvement.

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Executive Coaching (30-60 hours)

Executive coaching is for a minimum of six months and up to 2 years. Priorities for focus areas are identified and mapped for the coaching engagement. Most executive coaching will also include data from one or more of the following:

  • 360 feedback process
  • Myers-Briggs
  • Enneagram
  • StrengthsFinder
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Team Coaching (30 – 60 hours)

Executive teams often have offsite meetings to discuss mission and vision for the organization as well as goal setting and strategy. Team coaching includes facilitation of this offsite meeting as well as executive coaching followup with the relevant team members to ensure focus on the actions from that meeting. For these executive coaching meetings, the above description would apply. Quarterly or biannual team meetings may be facilitated to ensure continued alignment with the most important goals and objectives.

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All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself.
- Bill McCartney

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