StrengthsFinder Assessment

Graphic showing the four domains of leadership strength

The Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder is a tool being used around the world to help people identify their core talents. Knowing your top 5 Strengths as well as your core domain(s) of leadership are essential to personal and professional success.

The StrengthsFinder is excellent when used individually and is even more powerful when used in a team setting. No one person must be well rounded, but a team can learn to make best use of each person and their strengths and be a well rounded powerhouse. Click here to read some blog entries about the StrengthsFinder. Interested in a workshop or training for your organization? Click here. Book a free consultation here.

What it is

The StrengthsFinder assessment is a fantastic tool to apply to problems. This assessment and meeting will not only analyze your type, but we will work together to use the results to address a challenge in your work or personal life.

What you can expect

Deeper understanding of your top 5 as well as how to use the results.

What is included

  • Online assessment (30 minutes in length).
  • Exploration of top 5 and Leadership Domains for your type
  • Copies of all materials and resources


$220 for 50 minute consultation.

For StrengthsFinder Focused Follow-Up Coaching: $185

Visit my blog to read more about the StrengthsFinder Tool.

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